Migration to Australia

Migration to Australia

Too many people, Australia is referred to as the "lucky country". Australia is a relatively "young" country - special, unique, beautiful & is often viewed as the land of opportunity for people of all races. With a population of 24 million, Australia is the only nation to govern an entire continent and is the sixth largest country in the world in land area. Today, more than 20 per cent of Australians are foreign born and more than 40 per cent are of mixed cultural origin. In Australian homes people speak 226 languages - after English, the most popular are Italian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic.

The federal government sets immigration intake numbers on a yearly basis and our immigration policies are non-discriminatory, with applicants having to meet the same selection criteria. The Australian Government is currently focusing on Migrants who can demonstrate they will bring Professional, Trade or Business skills to Australia, with substantial family and humanitarian based visas as well.


  • Are you Under 50 Years of Age?
  • Is your level of English Competent?
  • Do you have a Diploma, Degree or Masters Degree?
  • Do you have at least 12 month work experience in your occupation?
  • Do you have blood relations in Australia?
  • Do you have a PhD? You May be Eligible to apply for PR with no experience.

If you answered "YES" to at least for first 4 Questions you may be Eligible to apply for Australian PR.

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